Gael O’Brien helps leaders increase perspective, impact and meaning

Gael O’Brien works with leaders who want their leadership to mean something; they want to transform the possible into reality within their organization and beyond. Whether the issue is culture, strategy, communication, engagement, or legacy, Gael’s questions, insight, ideas, connecting dots, expertise and commitment help leaders create breakthroughs. Passionate about how leaders can help organizations flourish, create meaning, and build extraordinary stakeholder relationships, Gael writes and speaks about leadership, culture, sustainability and building trust and reputation. She originated The Ethics Coach Column for Entrepreneur Magazine, publishes The Week in Ethics and is a columnist for Business Ethics Magazine. She is a Kallman Executive Fellow at the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics, Bentley University and Senior Fellow Social Innovation at the Lewis Institute, Babson College. Trusted Advisor: For over 25 years, in corporate leadership roles and as an executive coach, facilitator and consultant, Gael O’Brien has worked with leaders and organizations to achieve results that create meaning beyond financial success. Her client list includes RAND, The Conference Board, Ethics and Compliance Officer Association, Bain & Company, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, University of the Virgin Islands, professional service firms, manufacturing companies, start ups, national and state associations, university ethics centers, as well as board officers, CEOs, C-Suite executives, and high potential leaders.

Leadership that means something changes companies; it:

  • Inspires ideas and actions that create extraordinary outcomes
  • Transforms breakdowns to breakthroughs
  • Leads to enduring legacy of a brand that consistently delivers
  • Fosters sustainable profitability
  • Revitalizes culture so employees look forward to coming to work
  • Builds trust and reputation with stakeholders
  • Impacts stakeholders, community, society and the world