How do you work with the the unpredictable?

Organizations that are clear about their purpose and intentional about the values and culture desired are able to respond to the unpredictable with anchors that can continually motivate teams to move beyond challenges.

This approach also reduce the likelihood of problems escalating to crises.

The unpredictable requires constant reinvention and the capacity to see possibility and continually innovate.

Successful leaders know that purpose, values, and culture, made real by actions, differentiate brand and build trust and reputation. They inspire the best of what is possible for leaders and organizations to achieve together; they are a launching point for creating meaning.

Helping organizations build from meaning

When organizations focus on, communicate and live their values extraordinary things happen. Gael O’Brien has helped leaders from all sectors – corporate board members, CEOs and their direct reports, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders – achieve goals. She works with leaders to create breakthroughs, engage stakeholders, and build organizational trust and reputation.

Sample engagements include:

  • Helping a company with a commodity product differentiate itself to become a market leader through its focus on culture, customer service, and marketing approach
  • Working with entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive directors to articulate purpose, vision, values, and develop the strategy and relationships to support the culture desired
  • Providing recommendations to officers of an international company on handling a company’s downsizing consistent with its values to minimize disruption and loss of trust
  • Developing stakeholder engagement communication strategies and content to maintain support during time of change
  • Conducting a Competitive Landscape Analysis and Report involving research, interviews, and developing strategic recommendations to advance the strategic planning, outreach and stakeholder engagement of a national center
  • Selecting/developing a 350 – work student art collection to extend the brand of an organization resulting in state and city trade missions including art exchanges
  • Facilitating shared governance workshop

Why investing in organizational meaning is important?

Inspirational leadership is one of the three most important leadership traits that 1,709 global CEOs said they believed will guide their organizations effectively, according to IBM’s 2012 global CEO study Leading Through Connections .

  • In the study, 65 percent surveyed identified “ethics and values” as the top organizational attribute to draw the best from their workforces, followed by “collaborative environment” (63 percent) and “purpose and meaning” (58 percent).

Research findings over the last few years continually reinforce that the Millennial Generation (Gen Y) want a greater sense of purpose in their work in organizations than just making money.

  • Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, in an interview with Gael O’Brien said, “Young people… want to know how their job is making the world a better place, or how it is having an impact on your community….So if you are an employer, you’ve got to be crazy not to address that or you will never get the stars.”

Creating meaning is a key driver in organizational success. While more that just about profits….it leads to profit in a sustainable way.

Organizations that don’t invest the time in articulating and building off meaning risk losing the assets of engaged employees and aren’t actively building trust and reputation.

One of the ways leadership becomes inspired and inspirational is when it translates the power of purpose and engages stakeholders in making it real. Consider how this can can help your organization.

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