Executive Coaching

Is executive coaching right for you or someone you supervise?

It is if you want to increase your/their leadership impact and effectiveness, whether:

  • Taking on a new role
  • Tackling new or ongoing challenges in a current role
  • Developing leadership presence and communication that engage others
  • Fostering a shared vision of purpose and values linked to business strategy or
  • Seeking to articulate the stories of the organization that inspire and unite

Challenges are an invitation to develop new skills, deepen Emotional Intelligence, and move to breakthrough thinking and action. They open wider the door to what is possible in one’s leadership and its impact.

Executive coaching walks with you through that door helping you see and mine the gold in challenges, supporting you in making your leadership mean something … to you, others, the organization, and even society.

Working with leaders who are making their leadership mean something

Successful leaders know that purpose, values, and culture, made real by actions, differentiate brand and build trust and reputation. They inspire the best of what is possible for leaders and organizations to achieve together. They are the launching point for making leadership mean something.

Gael O’Brien is a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Executive/Corporate/Business/ Leadership. She is certified in administering The Leadership Circle Profile (360) and The Leadership Culture Survey.  She has coached CEOs, entrepreneurs, executive directors, department heads, high potentials and academic leaders. Her coaching is enhanced by a rich corporate background – in companies undergoing organizational change – consulting work, ongoing research/ writing on leadership and training in strategy, communications and building trust and reputation. Gael is a Trust Across America 2016 Top Thought Leader in Trust.

Gael supports leaders who want to develop further their own possibility and use their talents and abilities to make their leadership mean something significant … to their team, their organization, stakeholders and society.

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