“We recently had Gael O’Brien speak to us at the Network of Enterprising Women and she gave an outstanding talk on ethics in the workplace and how we might meet it head on. I highly recommend listening to her or inviting her to speak at your venue.”
—- Dianne Pollard, President of Network of Enterprising Women (NEW)

“The Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium was privileged to host Gael O’Brien as our guest speaker in January 2014. Her program was insightful and resonated with our participants. Her leading edge concepts were innovative and practical, providing tools to better equip our business leaders in continuing their endeavors to promote ethical standards in the workplace. We appreciated the depth of knowledge she brought to the table and inspiration she provided. It was truly an enriching experience; we would definitely welcome her back.”
—- Shannon Warren, Founder, OK Ethics

“Transparent & authentic, insightful, seasoned with organizational knowledge, purposeful & engaging, Gael O’Brien takes her audiences on a journey of ethical exploration that is thought provoking. She creates the needed disturbance that invites personal and professional growth. Gael carries the noble voice of humanity’s hopefulness.”
—- Russell Williams, Chief Inspirational Officer, The Ethical Edge

“Gael has proven to be a source of thoughtful and actionable advice on issues related to corporate culture and ethics. Her academic knowledge is a useful supplement to her practical experience and tailored advice.”
—- Fred Kipperman, J.D. Vice President, Global Client Development, Praedicat Inc., RAND’s first commercial spin-off

“A tsunami of economic events has created a profound loss of trust in our markets, government and organizations. Leading in this still-fragile environment has never been more challenging. Even the best laid plans and strategies will fail if the hearts and minds of all stakeholders don’t trust the brand. Uniting an organization’s culture to a brand promise is essential to success. The greatest asset any organization has is its reputation. Gael O’Brien brings a wealth of experience counseling leaders in building and restoring trust in their organizations.”
—- Keith Darcy, Senior Advisor, Deloitte; former Executive Director ECOA

“We got lucky when we met Gael O’Brien. Gael is an expert in building trust and reputation based on shared values. She brings ethics to life. Her passion for ethics is palpable because it’s genuine. Gael is an excellent facilitator, coach, teacher, and writer. Her workshops have been enriching the lives of our students and we’re honored to feature Gael’s ethics articles on our web site. What sets Gael apart? She has an amazing ability to analyze complex ethical leadership challenges from multiple perspectives at once. She sees the big picture and immediately gets to the heart of the matter, digging beneath the surface to get to the real issues that may be causing a breakdown. Then, with all the kindness in the world, she asks some really tough questions. This is when the healing process begins. Gael’s keen sense of strategy, coupled with a truly compassionate heart, has made her one of our most trusted advisors and champions.”
—- Jane Roeder, Managing Director, Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at CSULB

“Gael O’Brien provided excellent counsel that led Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America and me to take the right steps to improve our workplace integrity during a difficult time in the company’s history. Her values-based approach and ability to ask the right questions enable her to contribute effectively to top management in any industry.”
—- Kohei Ikuta, former Vice Chairman, Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America

“Gael asks great questions that inspire leaders to connect the dots. She works well with boards and is an effective facilitator. Her focus on values clarification raised the bar and helped our organization, and many members who worked with her, develop business plans that met or exceeded goals.”
—- Mary Anne Knapke, CAE, former executive director, Ohio Society of Association Executives

“Gael’s coaching and consulting made me aware of three issues that were holding me back from personal and business growth: I reexamined my approach to problem solving, how to attract and develop peak performers in my organization in the right positions, and how to develop my leadership skills to a higher level. As a result of the groundwork that Gael laid in 1994, 1995, and 1996, in 2012 it remains true that we have outsmarted our competition, eliminated turnover via a great business culture, and gained more control over our business destiny.”
—- Steve Doty, CEO, Peerless Block and Brick Company, and former Chairman, National Concrete Masonry Association

“Gael provided DTS a vision for developing global strategies that maximized our engineering resources, highlighted our industry expertise and focused our strengths as a design engineering and manufacturing company. Utilizing her leadership wisdom and professional experiences, DTS was able to build a network of global offices while maintaining our high level of quality and service that customers know of us.”
—- Kirsten Larsen, Vice President, DTS

“I’ve worked with Gael on some of her business ethics research, particularly in corporate governance and leadership. She has a unique ability to transform important and complex ideas into real world models for business practices. I’ve profited greatly from our collaboration.”
—- W. Michael Hoffman, PhD., Executive Director, Center for Business Ethics, and Hieken Professor of Business and Professional Ethics, Bentley University

“Gael developed a very effective research-based professional development program using creative real-life scenarios to help business coaches better understand when to recognize potential ethical conflicts. Her program energized and enlightened both new and “seasoned” coaches. The event was recognized as the highlight of the year.”
—- Carl Wellenstein, national board member, Professional Coaches and Mentors Association

“Gael’s presentation to Leadership Long Beach provided real life examples of ethical dilemmas and tools for decision making that engaged the participants and helped them apply the material to their own work and personal lives. This very successful program set the tone for the class year and beyond.”
—- CJ Harmatz, past president Leadership Long Beach